Welcome from Administration!

Our Administrative Team

Mr. Ryan O'Gorman - Principal         rogorman@gsacrd.ab.ca

Mrs. Sherry Gagne - Vice - Principal     sgagne@gsacrd.ab.ca


Welcome to St. Kateri Tekakwitha Academy, the newest Catholic elementary school in Morinville!  We are thrilled to welcome all families through our doors and invite you to come and check out our dynamic learning spaces and programming.  Our school’s unique design and flexible areas are designed to foster a sense of creativity, confidence and inspiration in our students. Here are a few things students will experience at our school:

  • We welcome ALL learners through our doors and are thrilled to offer Advanced Academic Programming to inspire and extend the learning opportunities of our students.   
  • St. Kateri is also the patron saint of ecology and the environment: this ecological and environmental focus is evident in our physical building as well as in our focus on ecological stewardship in many of our STEM activities and options.  
  • We are thrilled to offer Sports Academy programming with opportunities to explore hockey and gymnastics/dance/cheer.
  • Option courses are offered to our students in grades 4 and 5 which may include Coding, Dance, Drama, Art and Fit for Life!  
  • We provide a PreK program for pre-school aged children supported by trans-disciplinary teams comprising certified teachers with teacher assistants and therapists.
  •  Parents and staff of St. Kateri form a cohesive and supportive community for our learners.

St. Kateri Tekakwitha Academy is a school for the next generation, honoring the rich history and faith that defines our district, yet striving to be on the cutting edge of new technologies and serving as stewards of our environment as we look toward to the future. 

We look forward to serving your family throughout the coming year! 


Ryan O'Gorman & Sherry Gagne