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Parent and School Relations

Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools encourages and welcomes the involvement of parents in our school communities. We recognize and support parents in their role as the “first educators of their children.” There are many ways for parents to volunteer in our schools and encourage you to explore the range of opportunities with your child’s teacher or principal.

The proposed Education Act also emphasizes the roles and responsibilities of all of the partners and stakeholders in education, the students, parents, teachers, administrators, as well as school boards and trustees. The Act identifies parental responsibilities commenting that “Identification of parental roles and responsibilities regarding their children’s learning signals the important role parents play in their children’s education, and supports greater cooperation and communication between parents and school personnel.”

Volunteers are an extremely valuable resource to our school. Requests for volunteers will be made through letters or the school newsletter. All volunteers are asked to sign in at the office upon entering the school and wear a badge which identifies them as a safe visitor to our students. Volunteers are required to complete a Child Welfare and Criminal Record check prior to volunteering. A request letter can be obtained from the office to avoid associated fees.

Visitors! For the safety of students, to adhere to our emergency protocols and to better assist you, we require all visitors to report to the office upon arrival.